Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

University of Maryland, College Park
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About the DSCN Lab

Research in the DSCN lab examines the brain bases underlying the development of communicative behaviors. We primarily use functional MRI as well as behavioral methods with infants, children, and adults. Our research questions relate to different kinds of development, including autistic and non autistic individuals.

Join Us!

UMD undergradutes who are interested in applying to join the DSCN Lab as a Research Assistant should email our lab manager, Grace, at gdaley13@umd.edu.

Feel free to check out these additional research resources for more opportunities!

Dr. Redcay will not be accepting a graduate student for Fall 2024.


Congratulations to Dr. Redcay for being named the first NACS Graduate Mentor of the Year in 2022, and a Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year in 2021!

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