Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

University of Maryland, College Park

Your visit

Many of our studies involve more than one visit to the lab. We may ask you and your child to participate in both behavioral and MRI sessions. We usually ask you and your child to do each session on a different day, so that we do not tire your child out!

Behavioral Session

1. First, you'll drive to campus and head to Regents Parking Garage. A researcher of ours will be waiting to greet you at the garage entrance, provide you with a parking permit, and lead you to your parking space.

2. The researcher will walk with you from the parking garage to our lab within the Biology-Psychology Building. Once you arrive to our lab, you will learn more about the study your child will be participating in while your child gets to know the researcher who will be conducting the study.

3. Once we go over the session’s itinerary and we answer any questions you may have, the researcher will accompany your child to one of our playrooms (which will be very nearby to you) and will begin the session.

  a. As part of the study, your child may be asked to play games and listen to stories with the researcher and to answer questions asked by the researcher.

4. After the session is over, a researcher will answer any questions you might have about your visit and the study and give your child a small toy as a token of our appreciation for your participation!

5. Lastly, a researcher will walk you back to your car in the garage.

MRI Session

1. First, you'll drive to Maryland Neuroimagng Center (MNC). You may park anywhere in the “visitor” section of the parking lot, free of charge. A researcher of ours will be waiting to greet you at the entrance to the MNC.

2. For a more in-depth look at what your child will be doing during our MRI session(s), choose an option below. [Please note that the resources below were created so that you and your child could review them together!]

Go through a walk-through picture tour about participating in a fMRI study

Take a tour of our lab where we conduct behavioral sessions